Thursday, June 11, 2015

Project Jericho - Keep the Cathedral Walls Standing!

The Reality: Necessary structural repairs to the North wall of the Cathedral - with a hefty price tag.

More Reality: We have $100,000 available to start funding the work, and we’re applying to the Diocese and to other funding groups for grants to help.

More Reality: Our best guesstimates at this time indicate that we may be looking at a price tag approaching $500,000 before all is said and done.

More Reality: We will need to fund-raise a substantial amount of money to cover the difference.

The Challenge:  We are in the position of having to do emergency surgery on our beloved building. Join in supporting Project Jericho – send in a donation to the St. Paul's Cathedral office at 472 Richmond St., London N6A 3E6 labeled specifically for Project Jericho, or find envelopes dedicated to Project Jericho at St. Paul's Cathedral.  All donations will, of course, be recognized with an income tax receipt. Your timely and generous support of this project is greatly appreciated!

Don’t let the walls come tumbling down!

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