Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Special Announcement - Bishop's Office

Bishop Bob Bennett, in consultation with Archbishop Colin Johnston, has accepted the request of the Right Reverend Terry A. Dance to retire, effective December 31, 2015. 

Bishop Terry was deaconed May 1, 1976, priested April 25, 1977 and consecrated bishop on June 6, 2009.  He has served the parishes of St. John the Evangelist, London; the Norton Estates-Westmount Experimental ministry; Holy Trinity, Chesley, Church of the Ascension, Paisley and Christ Church, Tara; St. John’s (Sandwich), Windsor; Trinity, Simcoe and the Cathedral Church of St. Paul.

Bishop Terry has also been the regional dean of Norfolk, the archdeacon of Brant/Norfolk, a canon of the Cathedral Chapter of canons and Dean of Huron.  He has been a member Provincial and General Synod, the Provincial Executive Council, the Bishop’s Charge Committee, the Imagine Huron Committee, the Diocesan Sub-Council, the Diocesan Council, the Compensation Committee, the Companion Diocese Relationship Committee, the Synod Organizational Committee, the Corporation of Huron College, the Investment Subcommittee, the Back to Church Sunday Taskforce, the Strategic Plan Implementation Group, the Committee on Revision of Constitution and Canons, the Pension Trustees, the Council of Advice, the Bishops’ Group, the Corporation of Renison College, the Renew-al Committee, the Renew Committee, the Nominating Committee, the Human Resources Committee, the Diocesan Executive Staff and Doctrine and Worship.

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