Wednesday, February 10, 2016


February 23rd  2016  9:00am to 3:00pm

St. Anne's  Church Byron
1344 Commissioners Road West, London, Ontario, N6K 1E1.

Prepare/Enrich is an online customized assessment that identifies each couples unique strength and growth areas.  As a trained facilitator, you will be empowered to help couples understand their results and learn important relationship skills.   The customized couple inventory will enhance your ability to work with premarital and married couples.  The assessment is tailor-made to each couple based on the stage and structure of their relationship.

The New Customized Version saves time. Couples take the assessment online and after the assessment is complete, you can access the results within minutes.

Prepare/Enrich Provides a Road Map for counseling: Facilitators receive a 25 page clinical report while couples receive their own 10 page report.  The model offers expanded Assessment Scales,  Built-in personality and stress assessments, and a commitment section.  With Prepare/Enrich you will help couples Explore strength and growth areas; Strengthen communication skills; Identify and manage major stressors; Resolve conflicts using the 10 Step Model; Develop a more balanced relationship using the Couple and Family and Understand personality differences.

The training session will include all the materials you will need to get started with the Prepare/Enrich program as well as a complimentary online scoring credit.

The Rev'd  Dr.  Peter C.  Baldwin is a Seminar Director and Facilitator with Enrich Canada.
To register call: 1-888-973-3650. Or

Information:  Dr. Peter C. Baldwin 1-519-524-8168.

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