Friday, February 12, 2016

Pressing the Refresh Button

Ash Wednesday at All Saints, London
 Bishop of Huron Rt. Rev. Robert Bennett celebrated Ash Wednesday Eucharist at All Saints Church, London.  

This is a period of reflection, prayer and fasting in preparation for Easter, said Bishop Bennett addressing the faithful and inviting them to journey from ashes to resurrection:

Starting the journey
Bishop Bennett and Rector Quenton Little
“The sign of the cross says: ‘We are dust and dust we shall return.’ Here is the gift of a 40 days period when we are invited to make a journey from ashes to Easter. We are invited to press the refresh button. On our journey to Easter we have to go through the time of introspection, of checking things out, of doing the spiritual check, of seeing how the things are with us and what God can do for us. So we begin today with the invitation to make that journey.”

Easter will be celebrated on Sunday, March 27.

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