Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Weekend Courses at Huron - for everyone!

Bible 1
(in-class on Mar. 5 + electronic meetings)
The Bible is more exciting than you might think!  Learn how to read it in enlightening, contemporary, ways.
Dr. Murray Watson

Christ and Trinity
(April 9-10)
Feeling challenged to understand your faith?  Engage the unique core of Christian belief, in the eyes of thinkers from the 1st century to today.
Dr. William Harrison

Preaching:  Learning to Share the Gospel
(June 18-19)
The sermon can be a powerful moment of communication.  Learn to share the gospel in rich and authentic ways.
Dr. Todd Townshend

To register, contact:  Janet Anstead at

(can be used for Licentiate and Priest for Specialized Ministry training)


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